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Our attorneys work statewide, and ease of access for our clients is important no matter where they live and work. Our offices are located in Freehold and Toms River, New Jersey.

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TiDeLands, land use and zoning

Tidelands, Title, Land Use & Zoning

Land Use and Zoning Attorneys in New Jersey

Tidelands, Title, Land Use & Zoning pertains to the regulation, development and use of real estate. Within these categories, Zoning refers to cities and municipalities managing and directing development within their borders. Land Use, or land planning, is how real estate is to be used to suit the owner’s need(s). The tidelands law and land use attorneys of Davison Eastman Muñoz Paone, P.A. have decades of extensive experience in all forms of land use & zoning law in NJ.

We counsel financial institutions on a critical issues, including land use approvals, environmental concerns, title defects and collateral priority.

We understand the municipal land use law and are familiar with its intricacies. Our land use and zoning attorneys can advise on subdivisions, site plans, zoning officer determinations, bulk variances and appeals concerning conditional uses.

We are tidelands, title, land use & zoning pundits. We are municipal attorneys. We are public speakers and thought leaders in property use, both land and water.

Documentation. Zoning codes. Environment. Designations. Ordinances. Variances. These are all complicated and very real challenges – any of which can be overcome given appropriate and experienced knowledge, adept consultation and skilled planning on your side. Speak to an experienced commercial real estate or land use attorney today.

Davison Eastman Muñoz Paone, P.A.

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For three decades the attorneys at Davison Eastman Muñoz Paone, P.A. have applied their in-depth experience and outstanding service to clients in an increasingly wide spectrum of the law.

Our clients trust us to represent them on a multitude of general and complex issues that might arise in any business, individual or family setting, including tidelands, land titles, land use and zoning law in NJ.

We have offices in Freehold (Monmouth County), NJ and Toms River (Ocean County), NJ.

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