Municipal Law

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Municipal Law Attorneys in Freehold NJ

A Trusted Advisor on Municipal Issues at State, County and Local Levels

We represent our clients’ interests in the rapidly expanding areas of government regulation.

All facets of our lives are touched by the various regulations and procedures required by local, county and state governments. Whether you are looking to build an addition on your home, subdivide property or submit a complicated development proposal, you will need to secure various approvals from municipal, county and state agencies.

Counsel for Municipalities

Our attorneys are recognized for their depth of knowledge in the area of municipal laws, procedures and regulations, advising state and local governing bodies, including boards of adjustment, planning boards, and other government agencies.

Land Use Approvals

Whether you need a minor or major subdivision, variances from land use regulations, or site plan approval, our attorneys know how to successfully guide you through the maze of governmental requirements and consents.

Counsel for Businesses

Our municipal team understands the steps required to get various approvals for your business. Should you need clarification on local ordinances or if you are seeking representation for a liquor license or public contract, we can help you negotiate the process.

Municipal Attorney Services

  • Land use and zoning
  • Redevelopment planning
  • Contract negotiations
  • Municipal litigation
  • Property tax issues
  • Public contracts
  • Liquor license applications and transfers
  • Public finance and bond issuance


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