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Our attorneys work statewide, and ease of access for our clients is important no matter where they live and work. Our offices are located in Freehold and Toms River, New Jersey.

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Estate planning and litigation

Tax & Estate Planning

New Jersey Estate Litigation & Estate Planning Attorneys

Our estate planning attorneys work closely with clients to create or update comprehensive estate plans that address financial, guardianship and health care objectives in the event of their death or they become incapacitated. If you have been appointed to settle an estate, an experienced estate planning attorney can guide you through that process, providing guidance and legal advice.

Estate planning isn’t only for the rich. An effective plan created with the assistance and input of an estate attorney can ensure assets go to the right beneficiaries, name guardians for and protect young children, minimize estate tax exposures, and prevent legal disputes.

We take a client-centered approach and work with estates of all sizes.

Essential Estate Planning Documents

An estate plan should allow for the transfer of assets to family members in the event of your death. A defined plan will also include ways for family members to access and control assets and make appropriate medical decisions if you become unable to do so.

The following documents are all important parts of a comprehensive estate plan you will receive from one of our experienced estate planning lawyers:

    Last Will & Testament

    A will is a legal document that should make sure your wishes are honored when you pass away, dictating how your assets are allocated.

    Durable Power of Attorney

    A Durable Power of Attorney is an authorization that allows someone else to make financial and legal decisions on your behalf if you mentally incapacitated.

    Medical Power of Attorney

    An authorization that allows someone else to make health care decisions on your behalf if you are unable to communicate your wishes.

    Living Trust

    A living trust allows assets to be distributed before the grantor passes away. Unlike a will, a trust becomes active the day it is created.

    Living Will

    A living will is legal document that states your preferences regarding medical care to prolong your life in the event you are unable to refuse or provide consent.

    Full Service

    Our attorneys handle a full and potentially complex range of estate planning, probate, guardianship, asset allocation, and health care related matters.

    Full-Service Estate Administration & Planning Law Firm in NJ


    Probate & Estate Administration

    The death of a family member is difficult. We provide legal representation and guidance to clients who are going through the probate process. From filing of a death certificate and medical bills, to tax returns and asset distribution, our attorney will help you take care of every detail, which can include:

      • Probate
      • Probate Process
      • Notices of Probate
      • Estate Taxes (Federal & State)
      • Inheritance Tax
      • Refunding Bonds and Releases
      • Surety Bonds

    Estate Litigation/Trust & Probate Disputes

    Legal guidance can help families protect their estates and businesses. Our estate litigation lawyers understand how to resolve the conflicts caused by death or remarriage, including:

      • Trust Contest
      • Will Contest
      • Contested Accounting
      • Discovery & Turnover Proceeding
      • Fiduciary Removal Proceeding

    Elder Law

    Elder Law includes legal matters that can affect an older or disabled person, including nursing home care, Medicare, Medicaid, guardianship, and social security.

    Business Succession

    Succession planning for business owners, which may include a Buy-Sell Agreement and/or a Partnership-Shareholder Agreements to enable the continued operation of a business.


    The assignment of a guardian or conservator for a child, or an adult with disability may be part of an estate plan.

    Different Types of Trusts

    In addition to Living Trust, we advise clients on many different types of trust including:

      • Irrevocable Trust
      • Life Insurance Trust
      • Charitable Trust
      • ILIT
      • Pet Trust
      • Special Needs Trust (First Party & Third Party)

      Evaluations and Strategies

      Comprehensive estate planning with the guidance of an estate planning lawyer can involve the evaluation of current assets as well as defining strategies to minimize taxes and expenses associated with asset distribution. This process may include reviewing, evaluating, and updating:

        • Insurance Policies
        • Retirement Accounts
        • Disability Planning
        • Charitable Planning
        • Wealth Preservation

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        We can help you to create an individualized plan to makes sure your wishes are followed, explaining options and strategies based on your situation and assets.

        Our law firm also represents clients who need guidance during the Probate process or wish to contest a will or trust with the help of an estate litigation lawyer.

        We have offices in Freehold (Monmouth County), NJ and Toms River (Ocean County), NJ.

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