Criminal and Government Agency Defense

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Defenders Of The Accused

Whether you are a company or an individual, such as an executive, government official, or business owner, our goal is to help you minimize your exposure.

If you receive a grand jury subpoena or are arrested or indicted, you need a defense attorney who has the knowledge and experience in this unique field. We have experience defending white collar crimes and general crimes in federal and state courts. Our attorneys have served as Assistant United States Attorneys, public defenders, federal law clerks, and defense counsel for individuals and small businesses to large multinational corporations. Our team will stand by you and help you navigate the criminal justice system from investigation to indictment to trial. A consultation with an experienced defense attorney cannot occur too soon.

Grand Jury Subpoenas

If you receive a subpoena from law enforcement, such as the FBI, IRS or the prosecutor’s office, our attorneys will assess whether you are a witness, or target of the investigation and respond accordingly.
When possible, we proactively communicate with the prosecutor and seek to provide factual and legal information to establish our client’s lack of criminal culpability in an effort to avoid prosecution.

Trials and Appeals

If you or your company are indicted, you will need an experienced trial attorney. Our attorneys will review all evidence in the case and conduct their own factual and legal investigation to aid in your defense.
We endeavor to preserve your appellate rights in the event you are convicted, and our attorneys have experience appealing criminal convictions, whether or not they served as trial counsel.

Alternatives to Prosecution

Our attorneys are aware that sometimes the best result for a client is to seek an alternative resolution instead of a trial.
In addition to plea agreements, there are diversionary programs, such as pretrial intervention, and corporate deferred prosecution arrangements, which may be available for our clients. We will help our clients weigh their options for resolving their cases.


  • Financial crimes, including: embezzlement, insider trading, market manipulation, money laundering, tax evasion, structuring
  • Fraud, including: healthcare fraud, healthcare insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, wire and mail fraud
  • Public corruption, including bribery, government contracts fraud, government program fraud, illegal gratuities, kickbacks, official misconduct, theft of services
  • General crimes, including homicides, conspiracy,  drug charges, sex crimes, vehicular assault, weapons offenses
  • Expungements
  • Civil Forfeitures


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